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Walnut Advisory Identity & Brand
The Walnut Advisory Corporation is a 42 plus years provider of underwriting and unique insurance related products, services and offerings. Adam Garlinger Illustration + Design redeveloped the identity, created an identity system and developed the brand. The development included the business to brand architecture; the structure and integration of the Company, it's products, services and offerings, as well as the identity system, visual language, design and messaging development, applied to full writing. Click or Scroll Down to: View Project / View Identity Case Study / View Brand Build

walnut advisory logo redesign by adam garlinger
Primary Logo Redeveloped
The new mark was redeveloped and applied to newly created materials in the new brand. The primary logo was redeveloped., using the 42+ years of equity, the new mark gives equal weight and presence to the W and A. The logo design was applied to a secondary, alternate and icon logo marks. The architecture defined application and usage.
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Project Overview
The project included the redevelopment of the logo and development of an identity system.

The project also included the development of the Company brand. The brand development was based on building a business-to-brand architecture that incorporated the products, services and offerings into the Company, then into a brand.
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Walnut Advisory Corporation insurance industry logotype redevelopment by Adam Garlinger
Logo Redevelopment
The redeveloped mark incorporates the 42-plus years the existing mark has built up. With the new brand, the look and feel, it was important that their was no disconnect at all, and the 42 years of equity was included in the redesign.
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An Integrated Language
The new mark now provides equal weight and presence to both the W and A, and now connects the two letters to create a single visual element. The new mark uses the holding shape and colors of the original mark, where at first glance, without careful inspection, the new logo could be seen as the original mark. With the logo used within the new look, the connection is immediate, to connect the new look with the Company and avoid a disconnect. The new mark was applied to secondary marks and a suite of marks, with usage defined in the architecture.
Walnut Advisory Corporation logo suite by Adam Garlinger
Primary Logo Suite
The developed Company Logo is applied to secondary logo marks and a suite of marks used throughout Company communication efforts. The application of usage was defined in the strategy and guidelines.
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Walnut Advisory Corporation typography lockup by Adam Garlinger

Brand Identity / Typeography Palette

The typography palette was developed within the brand development, with the new mark integrated into lockups and elements for usage throughout the developed marketing materials, Company communications and stationery.
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Walnut Advisory Corporation typography by Adam Garlinger
Typography as Design Elements
The use of typography was applied to lockups and visual elements, used throughout the marketing materials.
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Identity System
The identity redevelopment within the brand development included the identity system for Company products, services and offerings as Brands and Programs. The initiative included developing the primary marks identities, secondary marks and icons, in the brand color palette, using the typeface palette. The marks and suite of marks follow a visual language. The developed color palette compliments the black and white logo marks and the design of creative, applied to layouts and design elements.
Walnut Advisory Corporation visual identities by Adam Garlinger
Brand Development / Identity System
Company offering are Brands and Programs, and using the architecture applied to the identity system, the Brands and Programs have marks created as identifiers.
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Walnut Advisory Corporation visual identity language by Adam Garlinger
Development / Identity System Suite
The three Brands and three Programs marks were developed into a suite of marks, with usage defined in the architecture.
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Look and Feel
The developed brand; architecture, message, identity, visual language and writing was applied to the design of the Company layout, look and feel. The design was implemented using the architecture, with messaging, writing and visual elements. The design was applied to the Company, the Programs and Brands, using the hierarchy and elements to create a visual structure, and to better communicate the brand to existing clients, potential clients and the audience within the industry.
Walnut Advisory Corporation layout design by Adam Garlinger
Company Design and Layouts
The main layout was developed using the ingredients of the identity system and created design elements. The developed design was the template for layout going forward. The design incorporates the develop message and writing, chosen photography, the typeface palette and the consistent visual elements that would be used throughout. The architecture and structure defines usage and visual reasoning.
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Walnut Advisory Corporation layout design by Adam Garlinger

Layouts & Visual Architecture
The layout for the Brands of Walnut, uses common elements and through the architecture, uses elements unique to the three Brands. The architecture and structure defines usage and visual reasoning. The layouts incorporate each of the three Brands in marketing and advertising initiatives., in print and web. The developed copywriting also follows the structure, defined in the architecture and strategy. Branded messaging was introduced into the layout, with the Brand logo mark used...
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Walnut Advisory Corporation layout design by Adam Garlinger
Layouts & Visual Architecture
As in the Brands' structure and design, the Programs layouts incorporate Program specific marks and design elements. The Programs' layouts incorporate the developed messaging in defined areas that differentiate between layouts, for Brands, Programs and Company. The three Programs icons change to the three Brands, to communicate the Brands the Program is available from. The color strip was introduced with whitespace. The text changes to Programs' messaging.
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Walnut Advisory Corporation layout design by Adam Garlinger
Suite of Layouts
Layouts for the Programs', Brands' and Company follow a tone, style and structure, with overall layouts, Brands' layouts and Programs' layouts all using consistent elements and elements unique to the overall, the Brands' and the Programs'.
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Project Summary
The new mark incorporates 42 years of brand equity, incorporated into a brand development that included Company architecture and structure, applied to the products, services and offerings, to better communicate the benefits and advantages of the Company, as well as a new look and feel that communicates the message through effective and compelling design.

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